Best Skin Lightening Products of The Year

There are many reasons why women fear of going out and showing off their skin to others. One such reason you may consider is hyperpigmenation on the face and other parts of the skin which are exposed to the eyes of others. You may always want to conceal the problem with cosmetics but these products do not work at all times.

Skin Lightening Product Comparison Chart:

The solution is to find the best possible treatment to lighten the skin. You have to be very knowledgeable about your options. The journey to skin lightening treatments is not that easy. One can start with homemade skin lighteners, ones which you may create right in your own homes using orange peels and the like. But then again, this time consuming thing is something you may hardly work on. What you have to do then is seek for the right skin lightening treatment.

Purchasing Skin Lightening Treatments

Difficult as the process goes, you have to know some factors that will help you with your purchase of the right skin lightening treatment. First, you have to consider how effective these products work. While you may hate doing a trial and error, it may help to discover the efficacy of the product. The thing you have to do when using several skin lightening products is that you have to give your skin some time to breathe. Meaning to say, when using one particular product at the moment, you have to take some rest before using another brand.

Skin lightening creams should also be assessed according to the feedbacks previous customers have for the product. Reading these testimonials will increase your confidence towards using the product. This will also be a guarantee you are getting the right product to make use of.

Then, of course, looking at the list of ingredients will help. Certain ingredients in skin lighteners may not suit or soothe your skin. You have to take note of which ones may harm you.

Last but not the least – product guarantee matters. You have to seek which ones come with a guarantee which is positive enough for you to rely on the benefits of the product.

This website has come up with several insights on skin lightening treatments and may help you decide on what to make use of. In this particular homepage alone, you will see our list of the best skin lightening products in the market. Read on to see which one you may make use of.

Top 3 Skin Lightening Creams

# 1 Illuminatural 6i ratingRating: 5 / 5

Illumi may have come from the word illuminate which means to make you look radiant. Natural, of course, may have meant that the product provides natural ingredients that will not harm the skin during the lightening process. This is how we define the effectiveness promised by the product.

How does the product work? Well, it makes sure you get results according to your skin’s natural 28-day regeneration cycle. During this cycle, you will experience an interruption of melanin production. You know very well that melanin is responsible for skin pigmentation and dark spots. Also, it lightens skin cells thus renewing your skin as it rises to the surface. During sun exposure, you will experience blockage of the UV rays that may cause sun spots. All in all, it promotes better skin cell regeneration thus proving Illuminatural 6i an effective skin lightening treatment.

Pros of Illuminatural 6i

  • It solves all sorts of dark spots that manifest on the face including age, liver, sun and brown spots.
  • It also gives regard to other skin darkening issues like Chloasma, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, old scars, acne scars, melasma, senile lentigines and birthmarks.
  • It is also an all-natural solution. It does not contain harmful chemicals like hydroquinone (a common skin lightening agent), mercury, bleach, steroids and other toxic substances.
  • It also provides a list of clinically-proven skin lightening agents.
  • It has nearly 97% effectiveness rating from users.
  • It comes with the best guarantee which is 90 days.

Priced regularly at $49.95 apiece, you may get your three-month supply at only $117.95 which is equivalent to a $32 savings.

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# 2 Dermology Skin Brightenerrating

Dermology also came up with its own skin brightener. This is an herbal-based solution which promises not only lightened but glowing, more beautiful complexion. It is packed with ingredients like Shea butter (for moisture), LumiSkin (a skin lightener), arbutin (to reduce dark areas), Evening Primrose oil (another moisture agent) and grapefruit seed extract (a natural antioxidant.)

Pros of Dermology Skin Brightener Cream

  • Reduces the appearance of dark areas
  • Lightens skin appearance
  • Promotes better looking, more even skin tone
  • Tightens skin
  • Contains natural sun protecting agents

This one comes with a free trial product.

# 3 Revitol Skin Brightenerrating

We all know that Revitol is a company that makes the best cosmetic products in the market. It also has launched its skin lightener which it apparently called Skin Brightener. The reason why it lags behind the first two skin lighteners we have mentioned is that it only offers 4/5 or 80% effectiveness. This makes everyone wanting the first product over Revitol Skin Brightener. Nonetheless, it still deserves to be one of the best skin lighteners.

As always, you have to consider the ingredients in any product. Skin Brightener contains Arbutin, a compound which is said to help with the natural skin lightening process. Together with this, you will find LumiSkin which is of great aid when it comes to preventing skin discoloration. Soothing ingredients like Allantoin and Shea Butter are also exceptional in that these two compounds will give yourself extra time to adjust to the skin lightening process.

Pros of Revitol Skin Brightener

  • Promotes brighter and healthier skin
  • Promotes healthier and more even skin tone
  • Has safe, plant-based ingredients
  • Reduces the appearance of liver spots and freckles
  • Keeps the skin soft during the lightening process
  • A 90-day money back guarantee

Revitol Skin Brightener sells at $29.95 per tube.