Top 6 Herbs for Skin Lightening

Botanical remedies have been in existence for both whitening and lightening the skin. There are people who are looking for an all-purpose formula to whiten the body, hands and complexion while others are seeking for natural whiteners to cover up freckles and spots. The truth is the same formulas are used for over all whitening and fading of spots. However, there are no scientific evidences that these herbs are effective or work like the over-the-counter and prescription skin lighteners. Some can even cause allergic reactions so you have to take precautions while using them. Nonetheless, you may still try using herbs for skin lightening purposes.

Herbs for Skin Lightening Herb #1: Chamomile

According to herbalist Lesley Bremness, chamomile is more known as a hair lightener but it can also act as a skin whitener. Additionally, it works in whitening both hands and complexion. Just infuse the flowers or a few bags of chamomile tea and use it as a facial stream. You can use it alternately by cooling and straining the mixture and soak your hands to whiten them. Before using chamomile, test a small patch of skin before trying it on a larger area and don’t forget to consult your dermatologist first prior to the use of chamomile.

Herb #2: Lady Horseradish

It was mentioned by Kathi Keville, who is an herbalist, in “Herbs for Health and Healing” that horseradish is a traditional bleaching agent of the skin. A face mask can be composed to whiten pigmented skin on the face. First grate 1 tsp of horseradish and combined it with ½ tsp of lemon juice, 1 tsp of vinegar and 3 drops of rosemary oil. Apply the mask on your face gently and allow it to stay for a few minutes on your face before rinsing and drying your face. You can also use alternately the grated horseradish and yogurt created by Jeanne Rose who is a beauty expert.

Herb #3: Lady’s Mantle

As the name implies, this natural remedy aids in several women’s problems such as heavy menstruation and sagging breasts. Aside from these, it is also effective in lightening and softening the skin. Lesley Bremness also suggests crushing fresh leaves of lady’s mantle so as to extract their juice. Dab the juice on skin with freckles and age spots to lighten them. Let it stay for a few minutes before rinsing it off.

Herb #4: Lemon Juice

The acidic content of this juice helps strip away darker outer skin layers in order to reveal a lighter skin underneath. It works best on age spots and freckles and can even remove tobacco stains in between fingers. Use a cotton ball to apply the juice. Do not use this juice if you have citrus allergies and better check with your dermatologist prior to usage.

Herb #5: Red Onions

Red onions like lemon have acid compounds. A slice of it is enough to rub off dark patches of skin and be sure to do it on a daily basis. Avoid getting the onions on your eyes or on an open wound. Do not use it if you are allergic to onions.

Herb #6: Solomon’s Seal, Wild Strawberry and Ground Ivy Leaves.

Gather their fresh leaves during woodland hikes and dry them for later use. Infuse the dried leaves like what you do with tea leaves. Cool and strain then splash the herbal waters on your face. Although it was mentioned that the mixtures are gentle enough to use every day, just consult your doctor to rule out the negative effects or other potential problems.

Herbs are indeed great additions to skin lightening systems that you create at home or even those that you purchase over-the-counter. These herbs may cause some side effects though thus it is imperative to exercise caution before utilizing them.