Underarm Discoloration – From Causes to Skin Lightening Treatments

Underarm discoloration is one condition that causes embarrassment to most people. Another thing is that it prevents them from wearing swim suits or sleeveless tops or even in lifting their arms. Underarm discoloration is caused by some factors but anyway there are also many safe and effective treatments that can make one play basketball again and going to the beach in bathing suits without any worry. Let us take a look at more of its causes and skin lightening treatments you may employ to deal with them.Underarm Skin Discoloration

Causes of Underarm Discoloration

Three among the common causes of underarm discoloration have something to do with the use of skin care products and procedures. One is shaving which leaves visible stubble. Another one is dead skin cells that can lead to dark spots or an overgrowth of Corynebacterium minutissum bacteria and lastly is the use of antiperspirants and deodorants that have ingredients which causes discoloration. On the other hand, two common causes are related to medical conditions such as Acanthosis nigricans which causes dark, thick and velvety skin in body folds and this condition is due to genetics. Hyperpigmentation can also cause skin darkening when there is over production of melanin and are deposited onto the skin.

Dealing with Underarm Discoloration

Skin discolorations caused by skin–care products and procedures are not serious. However, discoloration from bacteria may require you to consult your doctor so that he can prescribe you the right antibiotic and for hyperpigmentation, your doctor need to prescribe you hydroquinone, corticosteroids, azelaic acid, tretinoin cream or laser therapy. Acanthosis nigricans is considered the most serious condition of discoloration. According to Mayo Clinic, this is caused by elevated insulin levels and usually affects people with endocrine disorders like diabetes or individuals who are overweight and the worst is there are some conditions wherein it signifies cancer. Your doctor may then give you series of test for diagnosis and most likely will recommend dietary changes in combination with his prescription of Retin-A, 20% urea or alpha hydorxy acid that may work to fade discoloration. Possibly dermabrasion or laser therapy is necessary.

Prevention and Solution

Shaving can usually cause underarms discoloration so better switch to waxing or plucking. In order to prevent dead skin cells from being trapped in the skin, you must use an exfoliating product which contains lactic acid and salicylic acid. If you think that your deodorant or antiperspirant is the cause of discoloration, buy another brand or purchase a product containing aluminum zirconium tetra chlorohydrex glycine which can less cause inflammation or less likely to clog pores. The product must also contain kojic dipalmitate which is a skin brightener. A person who is overweight and suffer from acanthosis nigricans, she should have a healthy diet with less sugar and less carbohydrates. In addition, she must plan an exercise for weight loss.

Home Remedies

Although home remedies cannot cure underlying medical conditions, it can help in lightening dark patches. The Granny Med Home Remedies and Natural Health Database recommend massaging the underarms with natural skin lighteners like vitamin E oil, limes, lemons and potato juice. Try to scrub the underarm also with a gentle exfoliating product like baking soda at least once a week. Spray rose water on your skin or use an organic talcum powder instead of a deodorant.

Underarm discoloration may cause embarrassment. It is for this reason that you have to deal with the problem through skin lightening treatments.